Friday, August 8, 2014

Port Dickson Beach

Port Dickson is a beach resort destination at Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, about 90km south from Kuala Lumpur and 30km away from Seremban. Also called 'PD' by locals, this popular holiday retreat is located within easy reach from KL and Singapore by major highways and roads. From PD's town center, a coastline of warm beaches and calm seas stretches along a 10-mile strip towards Malacca, ending at the tip of Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan). The most popular beach zones along this stretch are Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon, Bagan Pinang and Pantai Cahaya Negeri, supported by major hotels, resorts and apartments that offer budget and luxury family accommodation.

Seremban Lake Garden

Seremban Lake Garden is the most popular recreational and exercise centre in Seremban that has succeeded in attracting many visitors particularly during public holidays and weekends. This garden is one of the oldest natural lake gardens in Malaysia. It’s ideal location, easy to be visited and safe for the whole family has made this park as the popular choice for the visitors.


Masjid Diraja Tuanku Munawir is also known as the Royal Mosque of Seri Menanti and was completed in 1964. Located in the state’s royal town of Seri Menanti, the mosque sits right next to the Old Palace of Seri Menanti and the Royal Mausoleum.

Negeri Sembilan State Mosque

Malaysia is a country that enables you to learn a lot due to the richness of culture and traditional backgrounds. Being a religious country, Malaysia is often attractive due to the religious background and tradition in the country. As a Muslim country, many foreign tourists are attracted to the country with the intention to know more about the Muslim culture that the local people preserve. Thus, if you stop by Negeri Sembilan and would like to know more about the Muslim religion in the country, you can visit the Negeri Sembilan State Mosque to learn more about it.

Negeri Sembilan State Museum

Negeri Sembilan State Museum is located at the Crafts & Cultural Handicraft Complex and is located along Jalan Sungai Ujong, Seremban. If you are in this state capital and is keen to learn more about the history of this state as well as appreciate the many artifects here, plan to spend an hour or so here.
Students of Malaysia history will appreciate this museum as the building itself was built using the Minangkabau architecture.

Cultural Handicraft Complex Negeri Sembilan

Visit this complex, to view a building modelled like a traditional Minangkabau dwelling. Various examples of the state’s handicraft and historical artefacts are on display in this complex which preserves Negeri Sembilan’s rich cultural traditions.

About Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan simply means 'Land of Nine States'. The name is so-called because it once comprised nine separate districts, each ruled by a Malay Chieftain. Seremban, its capital is easily accesible by road and rail to Kuala Lumpur, about 50 kilometres away. Among the main attractions of the town are the Cultural Handicraft complex, the State Museum, the State Mosque and the Lake Gardens.